Top 10 unique Scottish gifts for people who love Scotland

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Top 10 unique Scottish gifts for people who love Scotland

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a challenge, so we have compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas for the friends and family in your life who love Scotland and their Scottish heritage. 

We have put this list together to cover a wide variety of tastes and budgets to give you the best chance of nailing that epic present for the special someone in your life. 

Here are some tips for perfecting your gift experience:

 - Plan ahead of time to make sure your gift arrives with plenty of time to spare. There's nothing worse than the stress of whether or not it will arrive on time. Check estimated delivery times and give yourself some extra leeway on top. 

 - Think about how you will present the gift to the recipient. Do you need to get wrapping paper, a card or is it going to form part of a hamper?

 - Is there information you need to make your purchase? i.e. shirt size, phone model or clan design? maybe you need to think of a covert way to find out that info. Sometimes a carefully pointed question can give you all the information you need. 

With that said, lets get stuck in:

1. Whisky

You can't go wrong with a carefully selected bottle of scotch whisky, especially if your recipient is partial to a 'wee dram'

There are lots of options on the market and availability depends on your region, so do a bit of investigating beforehand. 

The right bottle of whisky is a thoughtful, indulgent and enjoyable gift for the person who enjoys the finer things. 

Our pick is the Finlaggan Old Reserve - an incredible complex, peaty delight!

Finlaggan Whisky


2. Tartan Scarf

Tartan scarves are a great winter accessory that can add to many outfits. They come in lots of different tartans, including some generic ones. For a personal touch, try to find a scarf in the tartan of the recipients Scottish clan. 

What better way to keep warm and look great during the colder months!

Tartan Scarf


3. Scottish Mug

Most people enjoy a good cup of coffee, so a special mug that shows off the recipients clan or even Scotland itself is a great gift idea. 

The best mugs are a point of pride in many kitchens and office desks, so what better way to make sure to be front of mind with your giftee than every time they reach for a sip of their favourite hold beverage?

Check out our range here - Scottish Mugs


 Clan MacKenzie Mug

4. A Highland Title - make them a laird (lord) or lady!

This one is a bit controversial... because technically you can't just purchase yourself a title. Not only that, there are some businesses selling titles that don't have any legal right to the land they're allegedly selling you and aren't registered businesses in Scotland. 

That being said, we think they're a bit of fun and as long as you don't take it all too seriously, it's a great Scottish gift. 

We have done a little research and found that Highland Titles are a Scottish based business that has the right to sell a souvenir title, but they also do a lot for the conversation of Scottish wildlife and nature reserves, so they're actively giving back to the land. 

Highland Title


5. Highland Coo (Cow) print

We absolutely love Scottish highland coos, they are quintessentially Scotland and a stunning print would take pride of place on the wall in any home. 

We particularly love this design from Julie West Art however there are literally thousands of cute highland coo prints to chose from. Check it out for yourself here

Make sure to check whether it's framed or unframed when you buy it to make sure your going to have a finished product to gift your loved one. 

 Highland Coo


6. Clan Crest Shirt

The clothes we wear are our identity, so what better way for your recipient to show the world that they love Scotland than to wear a Scottish shirt? 

There is a world of fantastic designs out there for you to choose from so you wont be short on options. 

The only tricky part about this is picking the right size, but most retailers will offer an pain free exchange if you do get it wrong. 

Check out our range of shirts here

 Scotland T-Shirt


7. Scottish food gift box

If your loved one is an expat, the best gift may be a nostalgia experience with some traditional Scottish foods from home. 

There are plenty of gifts boxes around to choose from and come with all sorts of goodies, such as Caramels, shortbread, Irn-bru, Edinburgh Castle Rock and more. 

 Scottish food gift box


8. Scottish Tablet

Everyone loves a tasty treat, and tablet could possibly be the best tasty treat out there! 

A lot of different businesses produce Scottish tablet, so it's worth doing a bit of googling to see what you can find. 

If you want to have a go at making it yourself for that personal touch, check out this recipe Scottish Tablet Recipe

If you're lucky, they may even share it with you. Yum!

Scottish Tablet


9. Clanlands - Whisky, Warfare, and A Scottish Adventure Like No Other

If your loved one is into Outlander, then this might be just the ticket for them. Who knows, they may even have some Fraser in them!

Stars of Outlander – Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish – explore Scotland, a land of raw beauty, poetry, feuding, music, history, and warfare

A hilariously funny book about some of the most wonderful hidden parts of Scotland, truly a delight to get lost in. 

In a time when travel to Scotland may not be an option, this book offers an escape into Scottish culture past and present

Pick it up on Amazon, Audible or many other places online (or as your local bookstore)

Clanlands Book


10. Handmade Wall Art

Last, but not least, we love handmade Scottish artwork and there are plenty of offerings out there to find the perfect gift. 

These pieces not only look stunning, they are beautifully understated and will fit in with many different decors without being overbearing. 

Pick a design, pick your tartan and you're away. 

Scottish wall art


Hopefully this list has given you all the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift for that special Scottish person in your life. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have a great Scottish gift idea!

But for now, we're off to get our presents sorted!

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  • Barbara McParland

    Well put together Warren, I was happy to purchase some of your coffee mugs which I gave for presents the recipients where delighted. 👏🏻👏🏻

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