How to personalise a Scottish gift for your loved one

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How to personalise a Scottish gift for your loved one

If you're looking to find something really special to gift a loved one on a special occasion, then personalising your purchase may be the perfect way to spoil them!

Robertson mug

Whether it's as simple as ensuring the spelling on the surname is correct (We all know there are sometimes dozens of ways to spell Scottish surnames!) or as complex as including a special message or even changing the crest or tartan, we can help you get it just the way you want it. 

When you send a request for a personalised item, our designer goes to work to create a design for you to match your needs. 

Below is an example of a request we received from a client who had created their own take on the McGregor crest. 

Step 1. We start with the original design:

McGregor shirt

Step 2. We then remove the original crest and insert the design supplied

McGregor personalised design

Step 3. We might add some flair to ensure the design looks sharp and will print well (drop shadow behind crest)

McGregor embellished design

Step 4. We send the design to you to ensure it matches their expectation and get approval. 

Step 5. We make the magic happen! the design gets printed and posted out to you 

McGregor Shirt gift

Step 6. You receive your personalised item and gift it to your loved one! (Or yourself)


Step 7. Sit back and enjoy (And hopefully muster a big smile!)

McGregor shirt on
It's that easy, we do the work so you can enjoy the finished product. 
Personalising your item is FREE with your purchase, so why not make it extra special... The holiday season is around the corner, after all!
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